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Link Master [Review]

Today I'm doing a review of a software called "Link Master"

Hey there JC here. In this video, I’m going to be talking to you about a software called, “Link Master.”

Let’s get started.

Are you familiar with softwares like Pretty Link, Bitly, Tiny Url and even Owly?

Well, Link Master happens to be another link cloaker software, but in this video I’m going to share with you why you should have this in your toolbox and I’m also going to tell you one thing that this software has that others don’t.

So here I am on the Link Master sales page and the first thing that it tells us is product vendors siphon away affiliate marketers most valuable assets, without paying them a single dime. It also goes on to say if you’re an affiliate marketeer or are interested in affiliate marketing, you need to watch the video below right now.

So here is the video for Link Master and I recommend you going through that video and it kind of goes over what Link Master is as well as how to use Link Master on your WordPress site and also how to set it up and do the different links and everything. So I highly recommend you going through that video and just taking a look at it and seeing how it works. And so I'm not going to kind of read everything on the sales page but I just wanted to point out a few things here so that you kind of get an idea as to what link master is.

But it says here but many vendors have a way to add your traffic to their email list without paying you a single dime. You know pretty much what happens is if you're an affiliate marketer you will be promoting products or promoting links to these certain products and there's you know what happens is there's like a pop-up that will be popped up on their page or affiliate links and whatever and so these people will grab email lists or email subscribers to get on their list and you that you know you do not get that that email list because they're grabbing that they're grabbing the people that your promoting to emails.

And so with Link Master there's a way to cloak it and you actually can stop that with Link Master. There are six types of redirects that you can do with Link Master and you know I believe they're it’s permanent redirect these are just the name of a few that are up top my head. There’s permanent, there's internal, there's meta I think to redirect, there's jailed redirect which is the one that you you want to use in order to stop that but also you can use internal too. What's great about link master is that if you're doing a JVZoo promotion you can use Link Master and cloak it and then you can actually use it on Facebook which that's one of them one of the pros of having Link Master and and so um you know I highly recommend you know getting link master for that. 

Here's just a little pop-up that they describe on there and it says, the graphic above shows how they do it and it goes something like this you use your email list add your blog or some other method to send traffic to the sales page of an affiliate product you're promoting but one reason or another the potential customer decides not to make a purchase and goes to leave the sales page, but just as they do the vendor hits them with a freebie offer that they can get if they just opt-in with their email address. When the potential customer does, they go on the vendors email list and you have not earned one cent. You sent them traffic to build their list, costing you time, effort, and in some cases money, and got absolutely nothing for it.

So with Link Master you can stop that. so here are some things that you know Link Master does it cloaks your affiliate links with your own website domain, supports six different types of redirects, which that's one of the the pluses, it pulls vendor sales pages into your website and it bypasses on exit pop-ups on the vendor sales page that lets them snag your traffic when a sale is not completed. 

So that's you know the sales page for Link Master and you know what I like about Link Master is that it does have the six redirects that you can use. Also, it's a one-time payment and what's great about that is it's constantly being updated so you don't have to constantly be paying a yearly fee for the updates. It's automatically updated for one fee and you know that's one of the things that I like about it.

I don't really see any things that I don't like about it. I also do like the fact that you can retarget link master too with any kind of retargeting codes. If you use Facebook or Amazon or whatever other retargeting codes that you get you can add them to your links that you create and link master so that later on you can retarget ads with that so I strongly suggest getting link master it's a great product I know you'll enjoy and you know I think you won't need to use Bitly or a Owly or Tiny URL anymore.

So you know pick it up with the link below this video and you know tell me what you think we'll talk to you later


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