The other day I heard about a new plugin that can engage visitors on your website with just a simple notification in their computer’s tab. I was intrigued to find out what this product was about.

Let me introduce to you, Re-Engager, a simple software plug-in that works to make your website standout amongst all of the other websites on someone else’s computer tabs that are open. The best way to see this at work is to open up a new tab – go ahead and try it! This is a simple software that you can upload to any WordPress site and start re-engaging your visitors back to your website. There are several ways to use Re-Engager:

  • Get Sales With Coupons
  • For Affiliate Marketing
  • For List Building
  • And Many More

So, if you’re wanting to grow your online business, I highly recommend this software. It will truly help with your conversions and add more sales to your bottomline.