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This Will Be Your Year!

As we welcome the new year, we all have expectations as to how we want it to go. We create resolutions at the beginning of the year thinking that's going to make it better. We all know that really creating resolutions don't work. In this post, I want to share with you some tips that you can do to stay on track in 2018 and to really make this year be your year.

One of the biggest New Years Resolution that people love to create is that of losing weight. Statistic shows us that gym memberships spike at the beginning of the year. But the real test isn't checking up on those that grabbed a membership right after, its checking on them 6 months down the road. The real answer pops up.

Be Specific

When people are asked, how much money do you want to make in 2018? People tend to say a lot. Well, I've got news for you. You're not going to make any. Why is that? If you asked that question then here's the reason. You didn't set a specific amount of money that you want to attain. So many people miss the boat on this one act. When we set specific goals that we want to achieve then it becomes real that we'll get it.

Make It Measurable

Now that you have set a specific amount of money that you want to make, it's time to sit down and write how long you want it to take to get it. Start by writing down how much you want to make in a year. Now that you know what you want to make n a year, you can begin to dissect it even more to make it easy to get your income.

You now have your yearly income goal. It's now time to take it and see what you want to make by 6 months. With your yearly number, see what you'll make in a month. The reason why you want to do these steps is your writing down your goals. You're putting some effort into your future rather than leaving it to chance.

Be Actionable

This is the most crucial part in making your amount of income for the coming year. Don't be a lump on a log. If you're going to make the money you want to make, you're going to have to take action on it. You're going to have to put in place disciplines that's going to reap benefits. The income you make in 2018 is going to largely come to you because you added a lead generation to your website, created an email funnel, sent out emails to your list, created blog post. Do you get the point? You need to put in something in order to get out something.

Don't miss this step!

In Conclusion

I believe this is going to be your year. If you implement these tactics into your business, you will see change. If 2017 wasn't your year, then don't make the same mistakes in 2018. You can definitely make different choices. Leave a comment below if you find these tips helpful.

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